Team Montreal New York City Challenge!!!


The countdown has officially begun! This week was our kickoff event for the Montreal New York City challenge. Wow!!! What a feeling to know that this is really going to happen! We were over 250 people at the event. Everyone was filled with excitement, nervousness and anticipation of the weeks to come. The majority of the participants are running this challenge for the first time. We all don’t really know what we are getting ourselves into. But that is what makes the whole experience exciting.

We’ve got weeks of hard workouts ahead. I’m foreseeing some pain, tears, discouragement, and also triumphs and surprises. I can visualize myself in Times Square with the other 240+ participants hugging, crying, jumping with joy. Feeling the disbelief that a non-athlete like me actually completed this 609km journey!

team challenge

One of the phrases that was said during the event really resonated with me. The end of the challenge when we will all be at the finish line hugging each other and enjoying our triumph is only the consequence of everything that comes before. That moment is one moment in time. All the other moments leading up to the final moment are just as important, if not more. We need to savory every minute of it if not the end moment will be empty and without meaning.

Like anything in life it is not the end that counts, but the journey to get there.  And what a journey it will be!

To see what the challenge looks like take a look at this video (sorry only available in French, but the images speak for themself)


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