The Big STOP Button on the Treadmill…


Last week I went to the office gym for a quick workout. I was tired. I had little energy. I didn’t particularly want to be there. I got on the treadmill and started running. I had a really good run on the treadmill a few days before so I thought why not put the treadmill on an even higher speed than usual. Mistake. I quickly lowered the speed as I couldn’t keep up.

With my towel hiding the remaining time I huffed and puffed. After what seemed like forever I removed the towel to check out the remaining time. What?! Only 6 minutes done out of a 20 minute workout?! No way!

I eyed the big STOP button on the treadmill. Everything in me seemed to be telling me to press that button. I eyed it very closely and rationalized that I had worked out as planned all week. I deserved this break. My finger was on the button. But, then something in me stopped myself. I decided to push through. Yes, it was at a very reduced speed, but I pressed forward. I ran my full 20 minutes and then did some weight training.

Even if I wasn’t particularly proud of my workout, I was happy that I continued and didn’t give up. It would have been easy to give up, and ultimately it would have been ok and not the end of the world. But, if I gave up on a 20 minute workout what else would I give myself permission to give up on? I’ve made good progress I want to continue in that direction.

When have you decided not to press the STOP button in your life? What stopped you?


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