Effective Teamwork: Together We Can Accomplish Amazing Things

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford
Last week was our first team training workout. What an energizing event!! Our team met up with our coach and 2 other teams and we headed outside in -25C weather to warm-up (ironic I know!), jog a little and play a few games together. After the fun outside we headed back inside for a fit test to evaluate everyone’s fitness level.
The sense of partnership and teamwork amazing! The games we played stimulated a sense of togetherness that I have rarely experienced. I have never really participated in a team sport before, and it struck me how everyone was pulling together with a common goal. From my previous experiences I always thought that people operated with only themselves in mind. That couldn’t be further than the truth last week. We encouraged each other to push through the pain. It didn’t matter what your fitness level was as long as you did your best that’s all that counted.
Some of the key elements for an effective team include: shared values, common goal, vision and purpose, and is celebratory. Only from my experience last week I have no doubt that we will be an effective team and I’m looking forward to every minute of it! 
The high that teamwork and collaboration combined with physical exercise was amazing. It was energizing and revitalizing. Seeing people achieve things they didn’t think possible and reaching a goal is so inspiring for me. Now I know I need to push myself not only for me, but for my team members who need me.

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