Working on my Running Technique


Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on my running technique. With the coaches of the Montreal-New York Challenge we were able to record on video ourselves running on a treadmill and analyse what we saw as a group.

The video allowed us to see for ourselves how we run. I had suspected that my running technique was not optimal, but seeing it on tape was proof that I had elements to work on. For one, I was surprised to see that my center of gravity when landing was pretty much under my body. This is good. Ideally, you want your foot to fall down in line with your upper body. This will allow a lessening of pressure on your lower back that may be caused if you lean too far forward.

Before even watching myself on tape I expected to see my heel hitting the ground before my forefoot. I know this is not good, and this is exactly what I saw. Your foot should be hitting the ground near the middle foot area and not the heel. A good image to keep in mind when trying to correct this error in technique is to think about being barefoot in your bathroom and suddenly the phone rings and you rush off to answer. Does your heel land first or does your mid-fore foot? Naturally you will start that dash for the phone with your forefoot. By landing this way you are able to achieve maximum power while you push-off. You also save valuable energy.

One last pointer that stuck with me is that running should be a fluid movement that does not generate too much noise. You shouldn’t be pounding the pavement. Running should be a fairly silent process. Your movement should be springy and light.

In my last few runs I’ve paid particular attention to these elements of my running. I can see and hear the difference. My body is thanking me for the small corrections I am making with each run.

For more info on running technique you can check out the following:

And here’s a quick video with the key points to remember:




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