Boston Marathon: The Runners’ Spirit


After such a nice weekend of running last weekend it was quite a shock to hear about the Boston Marathon tragedy. I don’t really have any words to explain how on so many levels this is such a sad and tragic event.

If nothing else, training for the Montreal-New York Challenge has taught me how much a great community the running community is. Runners have such a respect for all other runners, no matter your performance level. You can always count on a friendly nod, wave of the hand or thumbs up when you cross another runner. We run for charity, we cheer each other along the way. Monday after the explosions you could see in the media coverage runners running towards others to help.

I am proud to be a runner. The runners’ spirit is a strong spirit. We push ourselves to be the best that we can be.

If you’ve ever been witness to the emotions of the finishing line of any running race you know how the emotion at the end is magic. Seeing a struggling runner suddenly lifted up as their child runs with them the last few yards of the race. The grown man fall to the ground in triumph after completing a grueling race. The cancer survivor who makes a statement. The ordinary person who invested years of training to get to that magical moment and the realization that I DID IT! If there was a way to bottle up all that positive energy at the end of the race it would be the most valuable substance ever created. It would carry you through any obstacle you face.

Even if you are not a runner I encourage you to visit the finish line of the next race organized in your neighborhood to encourage runners as they finish their race. Let’s not let Monday’s Boston bombing get the better of us. The runners community is stronger than any force of evil.


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  1. Jill says:

    Hi! I came here because I saw your comment on Andrea’s blog. I live in Quebec City so I perked up when I saw what you said about the sun. ;). Also wanted to say that your post brought tears to my eyes. I don’t do races a lot, but a few years ago I did my first triathlon sprint, and the descriptions of those feelings at the finish line were so accurate. Beautiful blog!!

    • Nancy says:

      Merci! Thank you for your comment! First, don’t we love Andrea?! I’ve been following her for years and it is in part because of her that I started blogging. Good job on the triathlon – that is absolutely amazing! Keep on running (and swimming and cycling!) :-)

  2. Kate says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There’s something totally unique about the running community, and no-one outside it ever truly understands it. One of my friends wrote on a memorial board today. I’ve seen the sentiment around a lot, so it’s not her own, but it sums it all up – ‘if you’re out to destroy hope, don’t target marathon runners’.

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