Half Marathon Training


The Montreal-New York Challenge is now completed, and I’ve rested my legs for a few weeks now. But the itch to run and challenge myself is still there. And so, the training for the Montreal half marathon begins this week.

Like last year I found my training program online through the Toronto Women’s Runs site. It was a great program. It included various types of running as part of the training. The tempo runs, hill surges and intervals gave variety to the program. When we are training for a number of weeks variety makes the whole difference.

So yesterday I pulled out the July calendar and entered all of my trainings for the month. Like I’ve mentioned before, planning my training schedule ahead makes a huge difference for me. I need to schedule my workouts in my calendar weeks in advance and consider them commitments like any other appointment that is in my calendar. If I know I have 3 workouts in a given week I find a way to fit those 3 workouts in my week. Usually, I will adhere to my scheduled 90% of the time. In the event where I have an unexpected event that coincides with my scheduled workout I find another spot that week to do it because I have committed to completing 3 workouts in that week. If I didn’t schedule my workouts I’m certain many more events would “pop-up” and put in jeopardy my workouts.

Today was my first tempo run. A 6km. I will not lie; it was a tough 6km. It was hot and humid, I had not eaten lunch and I went too hard for the first few kilometers. It put in perspective for me how every challenge we set for ourselves brings its load of difficulties. The long distance endurance of a half-marathon will be challenging. For the last few months I’ve run a lot, but never more than 10km. It will be a challenge to work my endurance up to 21.1 kms of running. The Montreal-New York Challenge brought its own load of challenges – continuously running over a three-day period with little sleep. But, the team was there to keep me motivated. This time I’m pretty much on my own. It will be an endurance challenge of both body and mind.

I’m excited to push through and meet the challenge head-on. I am excited because I now know the incredible feeling that comes when you meet your objective. The next 13 weeks will be interesting. There will be good runs, bad runs. I am looking forward to the triumph that will come with all of the preparation.

I can’t believe I’m about to embark on this journey, again!! Let the half marathon training begin!

What challenge are you about to embark on in your own life?


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