An Email and a Call with a Sweet Message to Inspire


In the last 2 days I received a very touching email from an old friend and a sweet call from another friend.

The email was to tell me how she has been inspired through my blog and recent achievements (my almost 20 pound weight loss, running and my daily blogging). So sweet. I started Living4Impact mostly for myself when I embarked on the Montreal-New York running challenge and I never thought it could inspire someone to get moving and pursue dreams of their own. I am blown away. It gives Living4Impact a whole different meaning to me. If I can in any way I want to take it to another level and inspire others also to reach for their dreams.

The call I got today was from another friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a while. With technology we have a tendency to forget how important it is to connect with people. I’m so happy she decided to pick up the phone and call. Warms my heart.

You never know the impact you have on others…I encourage everyone to let someone who has had a positive impact on your life know about it. Don’t assume that they already know or that it isn’t important. Let them know – it makes all the difference in the world.

phone and email




I tried acupuncture tonight…interesting experience. We’ll see if there are any interesting benefits over the next few days…

Although I wanted to take a picture, I couldn’t really bring my phone in the room to take a picture. :-(


Ballet Recital

ballet slippers

This afternoon we got to see Catherina’s first ever ballet recital. So adorable! Her group was the youngest group. They were all precious to watch in their little costumes.



Spring Running


While Seb was out doing his second relay of five for his Montreal-New York Prep challenge I decided to do the same and go for a run.

What a perfect day for a run! I absolutely love spring running. Spring has always been my favorite season of the year, and I didn’t think anything could make it a better season. I was wrong. Running with the sun shinning and a cool spring breeze makes spring even better!! For literally every step of my 5km I had a big grin on my face. I was even dancing along with whatever was playing on my iPod (whose who drove past me must have thought I was a little crazy).

I LOVE RUNNING! I feel like I’m still on an endorphin high. Seb was worried that I had lost my running passion during the winter when I stopped running, but I can confirm that it is back!

Before and after my run:

before spring runafter spring run












Start of Prep for Montreal-New York Run


Tonight Catherina and I saw off Seb as he embarked on his preparatory challenge for Montreal-New York. Over the next 36 hours he will run 8km relays in order to prepare for the actual Montreal-New York challenge.

We got to see him off tonight and it brought back so many great memories from my own experience last year. I was a bit jealous of everyone getting ready for the big challenge. I got to see people who shared those same moments with me last year. So grateful I got to see them – they each changed my life in their own ways. I hope Seb gets out of this experience as much as I did.



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