Dog Advice from a Stranger

dog treat

I love my dogs, but I love them when we are on our own not when there are other dogs around. Around other dogs they start barking and there isn’t much we can do. Tonight as we crossed a man with his dog and they started barking he gave us a few helpful tricks. His help was much appreciated and seemed to work. Grateful for his advice, especially if his tricks continue working.

I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the moment…



Sunday Shopping

houses on street

imageSeb and I had a great time this afternoon doing some shopping for the house. We make a great team!



Safe and Sound


imageWhen I couldn’t reach Seb today before a meeting with the bank…for about an hour I didn’t know where he was. I was so relieved and grateful when I finally reached him.



Tea Time…All Alone

bikram yoga

imageWith our current living arrangements half the time at my condo and half of the time at my in-laws when we have the little one. Tonight I had supper at a friend’s home so instead of driving back to my inlaws I decided to sleep at condo…alone

I’m sitting here alone with my cup of tea and iPad. No dogs running around just me with myself. It’s a little selfish but it feels good.




Take-out Night


imageI was on my own tonight for supper while Seb worked late. I decided to treat myself to some Indian take-out. Yummy!!



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