Weight Watchers Week 16


It was a tough week this week with multiple family gatherings for Easter. I was able to go out for a run 2 times this weekend, so that probably helped a little to limit the damage…

Results for the week: 0.8 lbs lost.

Total weight loss after 16 weeks on Weight Watchers: 22 lbs!!

This coming week will also be a challenge with at least 4 nights at a restaurant…we’ll see how I handle that.

Weight Watchers week 16


Email Overload


I got to the office early this morning to deal with a few things. Grateful that I was able to reduce the amount of emails left in my inbox…Even if I still have almost 100 emails of to-dos to do, it is a little less overwhelming than the situation when I got into the office this morning.

email overload


Tax Season


It’s tax season again…every year I dread tax season…

Again this year I went to my account with my pile of not-so-organized papers and crossed my fingers to not owe the governement anymore money. After a number of clicks on his computer he was able to confirm that I will be getting a return this year. Yeah!! I already know what bills these tax returns will be going towards.



No Traffic


It’s Easter Monday and I had to go to work, but at least there was no traffic!

no traffic


Easter Hunt and Easter Run

easter eggs (2)

Grateful today for a great Easter egg hunt in my in-laws’ backyard. Many laughs had by all!

Easter hunt








Also very grateful for the smiles I caused on my Easter run this afternoon. It’s Easter, so I decided to run with my bunny ears. Great to see people’s smiles as they drove past me. I hesitated before leaving the house with them, but so happy I did. I’m sure a few people had a good laugh on their way to Easter supper with family. I even ran an extra km just to see a few more smiling faces as they passed by me as I ran.

Easter runbunny ears


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