Falling In Love Lately With White Magic Love Spells

It is now a case of better late than never. Endlessly romantic and seemingly always hopelessly in love, some of these folks have been waiting so long.

white magic love spells

They have been waiting so long for love to arrive in their postbox, or should that be; their inbox, because nowadays everyone seems to be online these days. Sad to be saying it but this is still not the best way to find love.

But love is strange. Not just blind and downright mysterious. The strangest things are still happening online. Strange folks are falling in love online at odd times of the night when it is usual for things to go bump in the night. But normal folks keep on scratching and digging, always coming up empty handed after swiping their poor cards over the internet dating site’s pay here now prompt. And so they sit and wait, sometimes for ever, for love that may or may not arrive. They have been waiting so long that they may as well give white magic love spells a try.

See that?

It is called cobwebs.

The cobwebs are starting to develop on those poor folks’ arms and legs because they have been waiting so long for the much vaunted love.

Why is love so haunting? Why is love so bewitching at times, especially during the bewitching hours when everyone should be sound asleep somewhere out there in fairy land where pixies, not pixels, abound. Love is mysterious. It can be blind but most of the time it remains misunderstood. It is well known that not even the best shrink can explain this. His incompetence is so famous they have often made movies about it.

Love is so complex that not even the most accomplished Wicca devotee can give you a ready answer. But she has got one or two things on her side at least. For one thing, she has faith. She puts her trust in Mother Nature almost on a daily basis. It never lets her down. And then she has got this. If she is not a practitioner herself, she will readily recommend a dose of white magic love spells. Sometimes they work, sometimes they do not. That much she will admit. But she will be quick to tell you that in order for these spells to work you just gotta have faith.

See that? It is those cobwebs again. There are cobwebs on the old woman’s broom. No, it is not the flying broom of the wicked witch. That is a fantasy of the realm of fiction filed under the genre of fairy tales. But an old broom there is nevertheless. It had been uselessly stuffed away in the dark broom cupboard since the day they went an invented the modern vacuum cleaner, swiftly to sweep all problems under the carpet. But that is no way to deal with life’s problems. Oh, no, no, no. Love, on the other hand, always seems to help.