Finding the Best Large Rabbit Cages

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a pet rabbit. If you have kids, we would say it is one of the best types of pets that you can get. But what is wrong is when you get a pet and you have no idea how you are going to take care of the little fellow. The thing about rabbits is that you want a good environment so the rabbit is happy, safe and well fed. The latter two are not hard to accomplish, but keeping a rabbit happy means doing some things that you may not have thought of at first.

What we always encourage new rabbit owners is that you should figure out what product among the large rabbit cages on the market is best for you. Why? Because the larger rabbit cages are the ones that you can keep outdoors. These are the ideal cages for a rabbit, especially one that is getting bigger. Why? Because you can keep the rabbit outdoors in the summer, fall and spring, or even the winter if it does not get too cold. And most importantly, the rabbit has a good amount of space to move around and feel free.

The thing about most indoor rabbit cages is that while they are very durable and secure, they are also tiny. And you do not want a rabbit in there. Maybe during the first few weeks that you have the rabbit, as it is very little. But as the rabbit gets older and bigger, the indoor cage is just not a nice place for such a pet. You want the rabbit to feel comfortable and happy, and being outside will do that. The outdoor cage is the best of both worlds as you get the protection and you still get to have the rabbit outdoors.

large rabbit cages

These cages are especially useful for those families where you are all going out to work or school for most of the week. That means you are not home for at least 40 or 50 hours a week – whether it is because of school, work or other commitments. And that means so many hours in the week where the rabbit is just sitting in a tiny, unpleasant cage inside the house. Sure, the rabbit is safe and it will have food. But those tiny cages are more like captivity than anything else for the pet.

In contrast, the bigger cages that you keep outdoors are great. They are spacious, but they still give the rabbit 100 percent protection. If a dog or cat or some type of bird attempts to attack, it is just not going to get through that cage. And that is what you want. You will want to know that your rabbit is 100 percent safe and secure when you are out of the house. And now you can have that – while ensuring the rabbit has enough room to roam around when no one is home to let it out of the cage and inside the house.