Your friendly Heathrow airport meet and greet agent is at your service

Before you schedule your next international flight, let us quickly take a peep at what you can expect to receive from this exceptional airport and flight handling service. Heathrow airport meet and greet service agents or concierges are at your beck and call. This is just another way of saying that they are entirely at your service. Will they be waiting on you hand and foot? Perhaps, quite literally, but there is only one way to truly find this out. You would have to go through this experience yourself. Do not worry if you are nowhere near London right now.

Do not fret if you are thousands of miles away from London’s Heathrow Airport right now. Because this exceptional service is being catered for at around five hundred small to large airports around the world.  Locate the service on your mobile and you may just find a friendly service agent waiting to serve you right in your own backyard. One of the big concerns on every passenger’s mind these days is that of security. This is something that your new and innovative concierge can assist you with. You are met at your departure gate, or at the airport’s designated arrival gate, and from that point onwards, all concerns related to security, customs processing and even immigration is handled precisely. 

If you are newly arrived at a new destination – remember, this service is available to you at five hundred destinations around the world – you are escorted safely to your mode of transport to get you to wherever you need to be. Businessmen and women always seem to be running against the clock. They do not need to with this service. If you are a frequent business traveler, expect to be guided through the airport as quickly as possible to your next business destination. And if you are elderly or disabled, you should expect a little more than help from your newly acquired friends.

Heathrow airport meet and greet

Just remember, they are entirely at your service. And just to reiterate, they service you with your departures, arrivals and connecting flights, if necessary. There is an old saying. It is still very much valid today. When new opportunities are on the horizon for you, those who encourage you like to say that the world is your oyster. But getting there and back will always have its challenges, particularly in this day and age when security is being heightened and more and more people are traveling abroad. It can all be quite intimidating for you if you are new to all of this.

But it need not be, not with your friendly concierge standing by waiting to take your service request. This is something you can do by simply lifting up the phone or messaging via your mobile direct to the online service site. No matter how exceptional these services are, however, you still need to be mindful of getting in touch with them well before your time of departure.